Winter Apiary Meeting, January 2018

Feedback from a member…

Hi Kevin,

We had to leave a bit early, on Saturday, as Non could no longer feel her feet.  Hot chocolate and cake at Bodnant soon rectified the situation.

I just wanted to say how informative I find the apiary meetings. I have been keeping bees for a couple of years now and never fail to learn something.  The good idea I gleaned from this session was filling frames with fondant, to make it more readily available for the bees.

You always give a balanced view of the different methods available.

Thanks once more.

Well-attended apiary meeting at Tal y Cafn, cold day, cold feet.

Kevin Jones demonstrating the Sublimox vaporizer with WATER. Never try this with oxalic acid, the fumes are very aggressive to humans.

Varrox oxalic acid vaporizer

Bees feeding from Apifonda

Strapping a hive using Spanset straps



Frame filled with Apifonda for winter feeding, and patties of Apifonda in takeaway boxes.

Hefting a hive. Lift the hive twice, from each side, and assess the weight. See our website page Measuring beehive stores in winter

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