April 2012 News

Tuesday 24th April—Getting the best from your bees

Craig y Don Community Centre
A talk by Jonathan Garratt our Seasonal Bee Inspector, at Craig y Don Community Centre. Welcome tea and coffee from 7.20pm. Talk starts at 7.40pm.

So, your bees have come through the winter and they are building up well.  What steps should we be taking now to increase the chances of a bumper honey harvest?  Come to the talk and find out, or stay at home and be happy with half-filled supers.

Plus… an update on Exotic Pests—Asian Hornets and Small hive beetle.

See here for directions.

This talk replaces one by Frank Gellatly, RBI for Wales, who will now be visiting us in June.

Asian Hornets

Click here to see FERA’s Action Plan for dealing with Asian Hornets. This link provides masses of information.  Asian Hornets are expected to arrive in the UK within the next two years. Be prepared!

Saturday 5th May—Apiary meeting

Tal y Cafn at 2.30pm.

Coming soon—Sycamore honey.

Be in time with your supers.  Sycamore is the best honey for drawing out supers of new foundation.

Contact Chris Clarke for supplies of frames and foundation, or if you wish to move hives to the oil seed rape at Bodelwyddan, now in flower.

Enjoy your beekeeping!

Peter McFadden

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