Tales from the apiary

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“I inspected a hive with lots of brood and new queen. I tend to replace boxes by offsetting then carefully twisting to align, in order to minimize any chance of trapping bees. When I put on the hive roof I saw the queen outside walking on the edge of the brood box. I offered my finger, she climbed on and I took her to the entrance where she walked in.  I checked a few days later – plenty of new eggs”.  Barry Griffiths, Kinmel Bay.

“Thought that you would be interested in some photo’s I took of a swarm, which Chris and I collected from a cherry tree in the Old Rectory garden in Llysfaen.We collected it at about 9pm, on Tuesday 4th July 2017. All went very well, and I was able to house it in a 14 x 12 poly brood box, starting at 8am yesterday – it took about 2½ hrs for them all to go in. We were particularly pleased at the size of the swarm, although I’m sure that someone will be mightily displeased to have lost so many bees!
What a great hobby!

Two days later….A sad postscript – the bees have absconded! I went out to put in some sugar syrup, only to find a hive that was completely empty, and looking like it had never housed any bees at all!  Exasperating little critters”!  Pete Warren, Llandulas.