How to sell honey at Conwy Honey Fair

Selling honey at Conwy Honey Fair

Hywel Jones prize cards

  • OK, I’ve booked a space at the Conwy Honey Fair, and I’m selling for the first time. How do I sell my honey with maybe 25 other honey sellers nearby?
  • Make your stall stand out from the rest. An inviting display will always attract buyers.
  • A plain table with just one type of honey and one size of jar will attract less interest.
  • Offer honey tasting.  Sorry, not in 2021.
  • Show some pictures of your apiary.
  • We’ve all got clear honey in mid September.  Customers will be asking for set honey, heather honey and chunk honey.  Plan ahead for next year.
  • A silver cup, rosettes and prize cards from Eglwysbach and Llanrwst Shows and especially the Royal Welsh Show are the best props. You will have a marketing advantage straight away.
  • Plan ahead and save some honey for next year’s Shows. Be a winner.
  • Offer other hive products, not just honey. Candles, beeswax, creams, fudge etc.
  • Cut comb honey sells well at the Fair.
  • A glass-fronted observation hive with live bees always attracts the crowds.  In 2016, four stallholders brought observation hives to the Honey Fair.  Make sure they are clamped to your table.
  • Be willing to talk about your bees.
  • If you are new to Conwy, bring some props to make your stall more eye-catching.
  • Settling down in the High Street with a comfy chair and a good book will not help your sales. Remember, you are here to do business.
  • Bring plenty of change or accept card payment.  There are no banks in Conwy town.
  • Most important, remember that the Honey Fair is a unique privilege for us.
  • Enjoy the day.

We’d welcome your suggestions.

Peter McFadden updated August 2021

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