How to sell honey at Conwy Honey Fair

Selling honey at Conwy Honey Fair

Hywel Jones’prize cards

  • I’ve booked a space at the Conwy Honey Fair, and I’m selling honey there for the first time. How do I sell my honey, with maybe 25 other honey sellers nearby?
  • Make your stall stand out from the rest.  An inviting display will always attract buyers.
  • A plain table with just one type of honey and one size of jar will attract less interest.
  • Offer honey tasting.
  • Show some pictures of your apiary.
  • We’ve all got clear honey in mid September.  Customers will be asking for set honey, heather honey and chunk honey.  Plan ahead.
  • A silver cup, rosettes and prize cards from Eglwysbach and Llanrwst Shows, and especially the Royal Welsh Show, are the best props. You will have a marketing advantage straight away.
  • Picture by Glyn Roberts

    Plan ahead and save some honey for next year’s Shows. Be a winner.

  • Offer other hive products, not just honey. Candles, beeswax, creams, fudge etc.
  • Cut comb honey sells well at the Fair.
  • A clear-fronted observation hive with live bees always attracts the crowds.   Make sure the hive is clamped to your table, and do not leave it unattended.
  • Be willing to talk about your bees.
  • If you are new to Conwy, bring some props to make your stall more eye-catching.
  • Settling down in the High Street with a comfy chair and a good book will not help your sales.
  • Bring plenty of change or accept card payments.  There are no banks in Conwy town.   Cash dispensers in the phone box in the Square, and outside Spar in the High Street.
  • Most important, do remember that the Conwy Honey Fair is a unique privilege for us.
  • Enjoy the day.
  • We recommend a minimum price of £8 per 454g jar of flower honey at the 2023 Honey Fair.  Charge what you like for other sizes or cut comb, heather honey etc.

We’d welcome your suggestions.

Conwy Honey Fair is organized by Conwy Beekeepers on behalf of Conwy Town Council.
Thanks to the Town Council, to Conwy County Borough Council, Conwy residents, Conwy Chamber of Trade members, North Wales Police, visitors and everybody else who supports the event.

Updated July 2023.