Hive records

Good hive records are essential.  Relying on memory or using scraps of paper or a notebook are no substitute for a hive record card, which provides an easy to use checklist.  You just tick the boxes, and make a note of any work to be done.  Our hive record card is based on the BBKA card.

If you keep the record card under the hive roof it should be in a clear plastic folder, or the bees will nibble it to pieces. I keep my record cards in a loose-leaf folder, with a section for each apiary. Make sure your contact details are in the folder, in case you lose it.

The winter preparation record card is a great asset, which I devised some years ago. They help to determine when to autumn feed and when to use Apiguard, and when to fit a super to catch any late ivy honey.  This is usually a part-filled summer super. I use one card per apiary, and I try to finish all winter preparation by early October.

Feel free to modify the cards to your requirements before printing.  All the dates shown on the cards are just for example.

Peter McFadden, Secretary, Conwy BK.
Updated September 2022

3 Responses to Hive records

  1. secretary says:

    Looks good, but I think hive record cards need to be made easy and quick to use.

  2. Peter Marsh says:

    Hi Peter,
    I like your Winter Preparation record. However, might I suggest that a place be added therein where the Batch or Lot Number of the ApiGuard or ApiLifeVar or whatever used can be recorded?


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