Steam beeswax extraction

Steam Wax Extraction The pictures show a  Thorne’s Easysteam.

Thornes Easysteam £138  (2024 price).

Oypla steam wallpaper (as used on the Easysteam) £31.99  Click here

This steamer is supplied with a boil-dry protector, ie. it switches off when the water tank has emptied, after about an hour of boiling.  This is long enough to steam a box of brood or super combs.

My Easysteam is shown standing on an old metal hive stand.

Operating the steamer
Work outdoors.  You must wear work gloves, safety goggles, boots and your oldest clothes!

Scrape the frames clean while they are still hot.  You will be surprised how much wax can be recovered from a brood box of old combs.  The wax is not candlemaking quality (in my experience).
Running costs are about 40p per steaming.

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