Buying and selling hives of bees…making the deal.

These notes are not intended to be onerous.  They rely solely on goodwill and fair play.  They are intended to help make a successful sale, without any misunderstanding or rancour.   

  1. We recommend that hives of bees are only sold during the active beekeeping season, April to September.

  2. We urge sellers to contact Conwy Beekeepers (or their own BKA) before offering hives of bees for sale. We can help you find a local buyer.

  3. The seller should arrange inspection by the Seasonal Bee Inspector, before offering bees for sale.

  4. The seller should advise the buyer of recent varroa treatment, and provide any hive records.

  5. Buyer and seller to agree condition of bees, combs and hives before the sale.

  6. We can only suggest guide prices. Buyer and seller should negotiate and agree a sale price.

  7. Buyer and seller should agree what is included in the sale, and what may be left behind, eg. old hive stands, bricks, concrete slabs.

  8. Date by which the hives are to be moved should be agreed before the sale.

  9. Buyer to agree to buy the hives and bees as seen, at the agreed price.

  10. Payment to made in full before the hives are removed.

  11. Receipt to be given to the seller, with a copy for the buyer.

  12. Buyer to inform seller when the site has been cleared, and the sale is complete.

  13. Seller to advise Seasonal Bee Inspector of new owner’s contact details, with their permission.

  14. We would welcome any comments.

Compiled by Peter McFadden
Secretary, Conwy Beekeepers
Updated June 2022