Why join Conwy Beekeepers?

26 reasons why you should belong to Conwy Beekeepers Ltd, a non profit Company Limited by Guarantee.

  1. Information on training courses.
  2. Free bee disease insurance for your first three hives. This covers American Foul Brood and European Foul Brood. Insurance for additional hives is available.
  3. Assistance with access to oil seed rape and heather sites.
  4. WBKA Welsh Beekeeper magazine four times a year.
  5. Access to locally raised nucs.
  6. Public liability insurance up to £5m.  This is provided by WBKA to members of affiliated Beekeepers’ Associations.  Your most essential benefit!
  7. Product liability insurance up to £5m.  This is provided by WBKA to members of affiliated Beekeepers’ Associations.  
  8. Regular email newsletters and updates.
  9. Monthly training meetings with the bees at the Conwy Beekeepers Apiary at Tal y Cafn, April to August on Sunday afternoons.
  10. Volunteering opportunities at our Apiaries.
  11. Friendly help and advice for new beekeepers, and opportunities for you to help new beekeepers
  12. All the help you need to control varroa, and regular updates on varroa research.
  13. Honey Shows at Eglwysbach and Llanrwst Shows.
  14. Conwy Honey Fair in September and Conwy Seed Fair in March,  organized by Conwy BK.
  15. Two honey extracting kits for hire.
  16. Two heather honey presses for hire.
  17. Access to swarms of bees.
  18. Website www.conwybeekeepers.org.uk
  19. Access to discount sugar and other shopping at Booker, Llandudno Junction
  20. Access to clean secondhand beekeeping equipment.
  21. BB Wear bee suits at members’ discount prices.
  22. BeeFest at Bodnant Garden
  23. Conwy Beekeeping Facebook Group
  24. Information on beekeeping webinars.
  25. Apiary meetings at our new site at Solar Farm, Kinmel Bay.
  26. Frames and foundation at members’ prices for collection at our Tal y Cafn apiary meetings.

All we ask in return is that you pay your subscriptions promptly and support our activities.

Compiled by Peter McFadden, updated April 2023.