Raising nucs for sale

Conwy Beekeepers Limited is happy to assist members wishing to sell nucs, by advertising their nucs.
The market for nucs locally is fragile and limited.  Buyers paying £180 to £200 for a nuc will expect a good product and a good service.
Nucs for sale must be gentle to handle.
What is your unique selling point?
Why should buyers trust you, rather than other well-established nuc providers?
Phrases to avoid…
Collect by Friday (because I’m going on holiday).
These nucs are my pension plan/holiday fund etc.
Buyer to arrange inspection by Seasonal Bee Inspector.
F1 hybrid locally mated bees. What exactly does this mean?

A few good selling points…
The nuc has been recently inspected by the Seasonal Bee Inspector, and it has a clean bill of health.
Offer to deliver (say 10 miles) and transfer the nuc to the buyer’s hive, showing the buyer brood in all stages and stores.
Offer to check the buyer’s hive for obvious defects.
Offer after-sales support by phone.
Ten years of no winter losses if appropriate.
Nuc producer has passed X number of of the BBKA modules.
Winner of Best in Show in the honey classes at Llanrwst or Eglwysbach Show.  This shows that you are serious about your beekeeping
Offer locally adapted bees.
What else can you think of?

Peter McFadden
Conwy Beekeepers, June 2022.



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