Wasps and beekeeping

Why are there more wasps some years than others?   A good autumn  in year 1, followed by a mild winter, will allow more queen wasps to mate and survive to the following spring.  It follows that there will be more wasps in year 2.

It’s late summer and the bees in my nuc hive are being attacked by wasps. What can I do?  A small colony of bees has little defence against a crowd of hungry wasps.   Close the entrance right down, to allow just enough space for the bees to come and go.  Make sure there are no gaps in the woodwork, big enough for a wasp to enter.  If the problem persists, be prepared to move the hive to another apiary.  Wasps can kill a weak colony of honeybees.

I’m busy extracting honey, and I’m being pestered by wasps.   Make sure doors and windows are insect-proof.    An electric insect zapper will, in my experience, kill wasps but does not attract honeybees.

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