Conwy Fair dates, 2023 onwards

What are the prescribed dates for the Conwy Fairs?

Conwy Honey Fair
Conwy Seed Fair 26th March, Conwy Honey Fair 13th September.  These dates were set by the Royal Charter of  King Edward 1st.
What happens if the Fair date falls on a Sunday?
The Fair moves to Monday 27th March or Monday 14th September.
What happens if the Fair date falls on a Saturday? 
The Fair moves to Friday 25th March or Friday 12th September.  This change has been agreed with Conwy Town Council, to reduce weekend congestion in Conwy.

2023  Mon 27th March and Wed 13th September
2024 Tues 26th March and Fri 13th Sep
2025 Wed 26th March and Fri 12th Sep
2026 Thurs 26th March and Mon 14th Sep
2027 Fri 2nd April (to avoid Easter weekend) and Mon 13th Sep

Updated by Peter McFadden,  March 2023.

One Response to Conwy Fair dates, 2023 onwards

  1. Dawn Owen says:

    Good afternoon Peter, With regards to the seed fair March 2023, myself and my friends Julie and Sarah will be attending . Barry the newsagent is allowing us to go underneath his veranda again. Looking forward to seeing you.
    Kind regards
    Hedgehog Lady

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