Conwy Seed Fair and Honey Fair stallholder information

Friday 13th September 2024, Conwy Honey Fair, 9am to 4pm.
Wednesday 26th March 2025, Conwy Seed Fair, 9am to 4pm.

Enjoy the Fairs

A “bee-rilliant event” according to stallholders The Snowdonia Society.

  • Stalls may be pitched free of charge in Conwy High Street and Lancaster Square.
  • We invite stallholders to make a donation of  say £25 during the Fair to the beekeeping charity Bees for Development  (We collected a record £1300 at the 2023 Honey Fair and a record £1030 at the 2024 Seed Fair).
  • Stall space is limited to about 75 stalls. We cannot guarantee you a space.
  • Bring your own table.  Most stallholders just use a pasting table, with a plastic sheet to cover it in case of rain.
  • Gazebo space is limited.

1.  Booking a space 

  • Please email to book a space.   You must confirm that you have read this website page.
    Please provide your name, address and phone number.
    No bookings by phone, Facebook or verbal please.
  • Space is limited. Please don’t just turn up at the Fair and expect a space without booking.
  • If you book a space, and then have to cancel, please contact the organizer before the Fair date.

2.  We welcome

  • Honey and hive products.
  • Plants and seeds at the Seed Fair.
  • Crafts appropriate to the theme of the Fair, e.g. Bees and honey and plants.
  • Environmental group stalls
  • Home produce and Farmers’ Market stalls.
  • High Street shopkeepers’ own stalls outside their shops.
  • We have limited space for card sellers and jewellery sellers.
  • Fresh cooked food for sale must be wrapped or covered.

3.  Trading Standards

  • All goods for sale must conform to Trading Standards’ requirements, including Cosmetic Product Safety Reports for skincare products   Click here
  • Honey must be correctly labelled.

4.  We actively discourage

  • Bric y brac
  • Fresh food needing refrigeration
  • Fast food or hot drink vendors
  • Commercial market stalls
  • Fancy goods stalls
  • Games of chance
  • Stalls in direct competition with the High Street shopkeepers
  • Political groups
  • Sale of alcohol

5.  Safety

  • You are responsible for your own safety and the safety of visitors to your stall.
  • Do not allow your stock to overflow from your stall, creating trip hazards.

6.  Security

  • The Fairs are packed with visitors all day. Do not leave your takings on display.

7.  Setting-up

  • Arrive by 7am for a space in Lancaster Square, or by 8am for a space in the High Street.
  • Stop by the statue in Lancaster Square and look out for Peter McFadden, Event Organizer.
  • The Organizer will allocate you the next available space.
  • Stall space is allocated by the Event Organizer only.
  • Stall space is allocated when stallholders arrive. You cannot reserve a favourite space in advance, or lay claim to a space that you have used in previous years.
  • Stallholders may drive up the High Street to unload.
  • Stalls should be set up ready for trading by 9am.
  • All vehicles must be removed from the High Street by 9am.
  • The Road Closed barrier will be in place and controlled by marshals from 9am until 4.30pm.
  • No stallholders’ vehicles will be allowed through the barrier.

8.  Consideration for others

  • Consider the town traders.  If they ask you to move your stall away from their shop front, please do so gracefully.  Ask the Organizer to give you another space. Do not move to the nearest empty space. It may be empty for a reason.
  • Unload quietly and consider the town residents and hotel guests. They may still be fast asleep.
  • Remember that the Fairs are a privilege for us.
  • Consider the lorry drivers making early morning deliveries to the shops. They have a difficult job to do.
  • Consider the hotel guests driving out of the hotel car park. They may be unfamiliar with the town.
  • No generators.
  • No smoking at your stall.

9.  Vehicle Parking

  • We suggest that you park in Mount Pleasant Pay and Display long-stay car park, which is just outside the Bangor Road Arch, against the outside of the Town Walls.
  • Large vans may park in Mount Pleasant Pay and Display overflow car park, across the road from the Town Walls, in the larger spaces in front of the Castle Bank Hotel. If you park a large van elsewhere, or if your vehicle overhangs a parking space, you will probably receive a Fixed Penalty Notice.

10.  Packing up

  • Stallholders’ vehicles are allowed back into the High Street at 4pm.   The Road Closure Order continues for general traffic until 4.30pm, to allow time for stallholders to pack up safely.
  • Please leave your pitch clean and tidy, and take home any waste cardboard boxes etc.
  • Do not leave the town litter bins overflowing with waste.

11.  Most important of all

  • Enjoy the day!
  • Report any difficulties to the Organizer straight away.
  • Let us have your ideas and suggestions.

Compiled by Peter McFadden
Secretary, Conwy Beekeepers Limited, Organizers of the Conwy Fairs, on behalf of Conwy Town Council.
Many thanks to Conwy County Borough Council, Conwy Town Council, Conwy residents and traders, and all the stallholders for their support.

Updated March 2024.