Preparing for a good honey harvest

Home apiary, 9th July 2018







2018 looks like being a honey year to remember.  How can Conwy Beekeepers help new members?
Honey extractors. We run a honey extractor hire kit scheme for members. This is likely to be very popular this year, and members may find they have to wait to hire the kits.
Please return the kits promptly, to help other members.  You may wish to buy your own strainer and settling/bottling tank, to avoid keeping the kit for a whole week.
Buying a honey extracting kit  Budget about £300 for a basic entry-level kit, including a 4-frame manual stainless steel extractor,  a double strainer, and polythene settling tank.  If you plan to increase to more than six hives, think about an electric extractor.  We hear good reports about Abelo extractors.
Honey jars  See our notes on Beekeeping equipment suppliers We recommend Hilary Jaques, Menai Bridge and Wynne Jones, Ruthin.
Bottling your honey  See our notes on Bottling and labeling 
My home-made inclining bottling stand is well worth copying.   I made it in a morning, and it’s an essential piece of equipment.
Selling your honey Not usually a problem!   Sell at the gate, at Conwy Honey Fair or to Bees Wales, the National Beekeeping Centre Wales.  Bees Wales are always looking for local honey.
Exhibiting your honey at Eglwysbach and Llanrwst Shows. We urge members with good honey to show their honey at our local shows.  The Shows are our main shop window for the public. You will soon get hooked on winning prize cards, and your honey will sell much faster at the Honey Fair. Give it a go.
See our notes on Winning Prizes at the Honey Show.

We’d welcome your comments and suggestions.

Peter McFadden, email
July 2018