July 2014 News

Saturday 2nd August—Apiary meeting

Tal y Cafn at 2.30pm.
Late season inspection. Is the queen laying OK? Is there honey to harvest?

Saturday 9th August—Eglwysbach Show

Don’t worry if you haven’t exhibited honey before, just jump in and show your honey. You’ll soon be winning prizes.

See our tips on Winning Prizes and our website page Honey Shows, which includes the schedule for Eglwysbach Show. If you wish, you can bring your entries for the honey classes to the apiary meeting, and we will stage them for you. Just post your entry form to the Show secretary.

Why not try a frame of honey? The bees have made some good combs this year. Or maybe an invention.

The standard recipe for Honey Cake is shown on our recipes website page under Resources->Recipes.

Saturday 16th August—Llanrwst Show

See the honey classes schedule on our Honey Shows page. Another great day out. The Fur and Feather tent is always worth a visit.

Honey Extractors for hire

We have two extractors and settling tanks with Hazel Jones, Dwygyfylchi; and one with Peter McFadden near Rowen. See instructions for use on our website.

Honey Jars

454g glass jars with gold plastic lids @ £20 per box of 72 from Peter McFadden.

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June 2014 News

Friday 13th June—Local Produce Market

Glasdir, Llanrwst LL26 0DF 9.30am to 1.30pm.
Wide variety of local food, plants and crafts, direct from the producers. Well recommended! Free parking.

Free workshops at Corn Helyg Permaculture

Anglesey next week.
Straw bale building, biochar, hotbox composting Click here for details.

Apiary meetings

Tal y Cafn
Saturdays at 2.30pm on 28th June, 19th July, 2nd August and 23rd August.

Looking for a straw skep made in Wales?

skepsPractical skeps for beekeepers now available, made to order. Created using the medieval craft of Lippy work (coiling straw).

Popular sizes include 14 x 14 inches, 18 x 18 inches, 24 x 24 inches, with or without entrances for the bees.
Swarm collecting baskets also available 14 inch x 9 inch. Lippy basket traditional and contemporary. This is a rare and beautiful traditional craft.

See http://www.facebook.com/Eco-listicArtworks

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May 2014 News

Saturday 10th May—Apiary Meeting

Tal y Cafn at 2.30pm
Three groups and three instructors: Barry Griffiths with the new beekeepers, Holly Pinkney and Chris Clarke.
Topics will include…

  • Welcome to beekeeping
  • Supering
  • Checking for queen cells and taking appropriate action
  • Checking last month’s Bailey frame change. Has it worked?

Frames and foundation Order now from Chris Clarke for collection on Saturday.

Nuc hives available

Available for members to hire from the association for the summer @ £10 plus £20 returnable deposit.

The next step…

So, you’ve completed a basic beekeeping course, you’ve kept bees for a few years, you attend our meetings, and you can talk endlessly about your bees. What’s the next step?
Well, the next step is to prepare for the WBKA Basic Assessment. Please see http://www.wbka.com/basic-assessment/ or our website page on Beekeeping Exams. Please contact the association secretary if you think you would like to proceed.

Bees on heather at Crafnant

Bees on heather at Crafnant

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April 2014 News

Volunteers needed

We are looking for volunteers to help tidy up Tal y Cafn Apiary in the next few days. Please contact our apiary manager Chris Clarke.

Saturday 19th April—Easter Apiary Meeting

Tal y Cafn at 2.30pm.


Stephen Thomas, Apiary manager at National Beekeeping Centre.
Jonathan Garratt, Seasonal bee inspector.
Chris Clarke, Apiary manager at Tal y Cafn.


  • Welcome and introduction
  • Assess colony build-up (It’s pretty rapid!)
  • Change manky old brood combs.
  • Bailey frame change. Click here for details.
  • Add honey supers if needed.
  • Informal discussion.

Our Apiary meetings are open to all. Bees suits and gloves avaiable, just bring wellies. Good weather is on offer for the next few weeks! The sycamore will soon be flowering, and there’s no better nectar for drawing out supers of foundation. Be in time with your supers. Contact Chris Clarke to order frames and foundation.

Tuesday 29th April—Simple queen rearing

Craig y Don Community Centre
A talk by Graham Royle NDB at 7.20pm for a 7.40pm start.

We hope to see you at the Bee Cause Day at B&Q Llandudno Saturday 12th April.

Peter McFadden

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March 2014 News

Tuesday 25th March—Beekeeping myths

Craig y Don Community Centre
Pete Sutcliffe vice chair of BBKA will give a talk on Beekeeping myths at Craig y Don Community Centre. A new speaker and a new topic.
Welcome and refreshments from 7.20pm, meeting starts at 7.40pm.


  • “Banging on a dustbin lid will somehow get a swarm to settle where you want it”. True or false?
  • “The acarine mite was responsible for the loss of about 90% of the nation’s honeybees in the early 20th century”. True or false?

There will be plenty of other examples. Do you know of any others from personal experience?

Cleaning Frames

See our new website page on cleaning beehive frames.
2 frame boiling

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Loss of bees as pollinators – film showing

There will be a film about the loss of bees as pollinators on Wednesday Feb 26th at 7:30pm at the TAPE Community Music and Film Centre in Old Colwyn.

The cost is £3:00. For tickets contact Janet Evans (FoE) on 01492 596265.

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AGM 2014 and other news

Tuesday 28th January—Conwy BKA Annual General Meeting

Craig y Don Community Centre
Hope we’ll see you at the Conwy BKA Annual General Meeting 7.20pm for a 7.40pm start. Click for directions

  • Nominations to the committee: Holly Pinkney and Tim Radford.
  • Nicholas Richter would welcome some help with the refreshments. Please arrive at about 7pm.
  • Frames and foundation available at the meeting. Contact Chris Clarke without delay.

Barry Griffiths 22 jan pollen 2

Wednesday 29th January—Conwy Farmers’ Market

Strawbale Building, Conwy RSPB
9.30am to 1pm. Plenty of free parking.

Tuesday 25th February—Bee Diseases in Wales

A talk at Craig y Don Centre by Frank Gellatly, Regional Bee Inspector for Wales

Barry Griffiths 22 jan pollen 3

Wednesday 26th March—Conwy Seed Fair

Stall space available. Click here for information for stallholders.

The pictures, from Barry Griffiths, show honeybees at Kinmel Bay collecting pollen from a Viburnum Tinus on 22nd January. What a lovely sight!

Happy beekeeping.
Peter McFadden

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January 2014 News

Happy New Year to you and your bees.

Saturday 4th January—Apiary Meeting

Tal y Cafn at 1.30pm.
We’ll check the colonies and treat with oxalic acid, to knock down any varroa mites. Bee suits available, please bring wellies. Mince pies for the beekeepers! Please let me know if you can provide some mince pies. Contact Chris Clarke on 01745 832812 for supplies of oxalic acid and Apifonda winter feed, by mid week please. Collect at TyC.


You can renew your subs at the apiary meeting. It’s so easy! Click here to download the Word form (or PDF). Type in your details, print the form and bring it with your cheque.

Thorne’s Online Sale

Starts on 4th January.

Beekeeping in 2014

Are you already planning your beekeeping for 2014, or will you just react to whatever your bees decide to do, and hope to get a few jars of honey?

You can become a well-informed and confident beekeeper by attending our talks, attending our practical sessions with the bees and our honey shows, by preparing for the WBKA Basic Assessment and by volunteering at the Beekeeping Centre. There’s so much to learn.

Why would anyone prefer to be a stay at home beekeeper?

Storm on Bardsey Island

Click here to see a short video of Friday’s 109 mph storm on Bardsey Island, filmed by Conwy BKA members Steve and Ben Porter. The Porter family are spending their 7th New Year on Ynys Enlli.

Best wishes
Peter McFadden

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December 2013 News

Friday 13th Dec—Llanrwst local produce Market

This new event will be held on the second Friday of each month, 9.30am to 1.30pm.
Click here for details.

Wednesday 18th Dec—Farmers’ Market

Conwy RSPB, 9am to 1pm

Saturday 4th Jan—Apiary Meeting

Tal y Cafn at 1.30pm
We’ll be treating the bees and the beekeepers: oxalic acid for the bees and mince pies for the beekeepers.

Contact Chris Clarke for Oxalikits (bottles of oxalic acid in syrup, syringe and instructions) tel: 01745 832812.

Winter feeding

Apifonda will be available from Chris Clarke or from the Bee Centre at Furnace Farm (open Wed to Sunday) tel: 01492 651106.  Click here for product info.

Tuesday 28th Jan—Annual General Meeting

Craig y Don at 7.30pm
We have vacancies for two new committee members…

  • Are you a keen member of Conwy BKA?
  • Would you like to help with the running of Conwy BKA?
  • Your ideas and enthusiasm are more important than years of beekeeping experience.
  • Contact the association secretary Peter McFadden for more information.
  • Nominations to be received by Friday 17th Jan please.
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Renewing your subscription for 2014

The 2014 Membership Subscription Form is now available as a Windows ® Word document or a PDF file under Association / Membership. The Membership form should be completed by all new and renewing members. Membership will be deemed to have lapsed if membership subscription is not received by the end of February.

You can type information straight onto the Windows® Word document before printing, or print the PDF and fill it in clealry by hand. The completed form together with your cheque should be sent to the membership secretary

Full terms and conditions for Bee Diseases Insurance (BDI) are available at www.beediseasesinsurance.co.uk
Details of public liability insurance are available at www.wbka.com

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