Honey for Sale 2020

Conwy Honey Fair 2020 and Conwy Feast 2020 have been cancelled
The beekeepers listed below have or soon will have local honey for sale.

Direct from the beekeeper…
Honey from the Conwy Valley  Peter McFadden email peterhoney914@gmail.com

Local honey at Cheese Room Deli, Conwy.

Local honey in the shops
Cheese Room Deli, 3 Rosehill Street, Conwy.
Tel 01492 592242 (below the Press Room Cafe).







The Grate Cheese Deli
34 Seaview Road
Colwyn Bay LL29 8DG
01492 338327 or 0783 3251397

Local honey at Grate Cheese Deli, Colwyn Bay.


If you would like to be added to our list please email secretary@conwybeekeepers.org.uk


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