Hornets in the Conwy Valley

These pictures were sent to us by members of Conwy Beekeepers in September 2020. They show European Hornet Vespa crabro
Comments from Conwy BK member Nick Dewsbury  “Fantastic news! They are truly majestic insects and absolutely native to the UK; our only native hornet species! I have never seen them in the Conwy Valley (only in Kent where I grew up watching them feed on our apple tree) but I would love to see them up here. They are large, docile and quite enchanting. Thanks for sharing”.


Asian Hornet  Vespa velutina
This is a non-native species, originating in east Asia.  It eats honeybees and other pollinators.  Nests of Asian hornets have been found and destroyed in England.
Never approach a nest.  They are ferocious stingers!

Asian hornet







Information for householders
Know your hornets from The Wildlife Trusts, includes how to report a sighting.
Asian hornets UK sightings

Information for beekeepers
Welsh Beekeepers’ Association includes details of local coordinators and how to report a sighting of Asian hornets.
Richard Noel’s Youtube videos  Very watchable videos from a British large-scale beekeeper living in Brittany.
Email secretary@conwybeekeepers.org.uk for more information.