Hives of bees for sale, June 2022

Three hives of bees for sale by Conwy Beekeepers member Sioux Waller at Ffynnongroyw, Flintshire.  Please email
All the hives were inspected by Tom Birch, Seasonal Bee Inspector on 10th June 2022 and are good to go.  Hive 1 has already been sold.
Reason for sale… Giving up beekeeping, following partner’s allergic reaction to a sting.
Hive 2  Abelo poly hive  1 x brood and 2 supers.  I will spin off some honey in the top super, but the other is new that they have drawn comb and started to fill, so I don’t want to take all the top super, and leave them short of stores for June gap or in case weather is bad.
Hive 3  Abelo poly hive brood and a half and the top brood is starting to be filled with stores, again I will spin some, not all, of this off. The queen was laying throughout the hive at the start of this season. I have had to rearrange all the frames and this is how it has ended up.
Hive 4 is a swarm we caught and has only come out of the nuc and into a hive about 4-5 weeks ago and is building nicely with stores. This hive is wooden brood box, floor and lid with 1 Abelo super.
All the bees have great temperament, hive 4 is particularly gentle
I also have 2 empty Maisemore Nuc boxes to sell
The last 2 pics are of the steps that lead up to where the hives are, so they would have to come down the steps. No other access.
Other beekeeping accessories for sale.
Prices Hive 2 and hive 3  £300  each
Hive 4,  £250 ONO.
Buy as a job lot £800 including two Maisemore poly nucs.
Full payment on collection by bank transfer or cash please.
Buyer to arrange collection.