Conwy Seed Fair, Street cash Collection for Ukraine Appeal







Friday 25th March 2022   Conwy Seed Fair, 9am to 4pm in Conwy High Street and Lancaster Square.

Street cash Collection in aid of DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal

Conwy CBC Licensing Dep’t permit no. 092831

DEC fundraiser ID  CFR 76769
The Seed Fair and the Street Collection are organized by Conwy Beekeepers.

We will provide collectors with a bucket and a HiViz vest with a badge Conwy Seed Fair Authorized Collector.


9am to 11.30am.
11.30am to 2pm.
2pm to 4pm.

Note to collectors…
Please do not tout for donations aggressively or rattle the collecting bucket.
Just smile sweetly and try to make eye contact.
Please collect a bucket and HiViz from Peter McFadden’s Honey Stall outside Pen y Bryn Tea Room at the top of the High Street, and return them at the end of your stint.
Note…The Street Collection is in addition to the Stallholders’ collection in aid of
Bees for Development which we have run for many years.
Thanks for your support!
Peter McFadden, email