Conwy Seed Fair and Honey Fair dates

What are the prescribed dates for the Conwy Fairs?

Conwy Honey Fair
Conwy Seed Fair 26th March, Conwy Honey Fair 13th September.  These dates were set by the Royal Charter of  Edward 1st.

What happens if the Fair date falls on a Sunday, eg. the 2020 Honey Fair?  The Fair moves to Monday 27th March or Monday 14th September.

What are the dates for  2019?
Tuesday 26th March and Friday 13th September.

And for the next few years?
conwy fair dates 2019 to 2021

Updated by Peter McFadden,  April 2019

10 Responses to Conwy Seed Fair and Honey Fair dates

  1. gwenda james says:


    i am inquiring cost and availability of trade stall at honey fair.
    we are a small printing and design business based in llandudno junction producing high end goods for the tourist market
    kijndest regards

    • secretary says:

      Please see Stallholder Information on our website under Conwy Fairs. We do like stalls to be relevant to the theme of the Honey Fair, ie. bees and honey. Please think about how you can make your stall appropriate.

  2. Ian Lawson says:

    The Secretary,
    Conwy Seed Fair.

    I wonder if you supply the addresses of any contacts in Wales or England who may be able to supply any of the varieties of seeds listed below, as unfortunately i will not be able to attend the fair forthcoming.

    Your assistance will be most welcome.

    1.Ghost Orchid.
    2.Green Hound’s Tongue.
    3. Lady Orchid.
    4. Red Helleborine.
    5. Small Cow Wheat.
    6. Spiked Rampion.
    7. Wood Calamint.
    8. Yellow Bird’s Nest.

    Ian Lawson.

  3. Gareth Hughes says:


    I help support some clients of mine run their own Gardening Project here in Wrexham called Hafal Home Grown and my clients are very keen to attend the Conwy Seed Fair on Thursday 26th March 2015. Can I just confirm it is free to attend and no bookings are required?

    Gareth Hughes

  4. Paul says:

    Hello Peter,

    Hoping all well with you.

    Could you tell what time you will be around from (roughly) on the 14th Sept this year, as I hope to get there a bit sooner than previous years.

    thank you.

  5. Michael Holmes says:

    Hello I attended the honey fair in September selling real homemade fudge and would live to know if there is room for us to attend your seed fair in April , that is if there are no other fudge sellers please let me know many thanks michael Holmes

  6. Paul Cross says:

    Hi Pete, could we book a spot for the honey fair this year?
    Many thanks in advance,
    Paul Cross

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