Buying and selling nucs of bees

Hallo bee people,

  • Last year we introduced a scheme to put new beekeepers wanting to buy bees in touch with members selling 5-frame nucs of locally raised bees.  We started about 30 new beekeepers with bees. The scheme worked well, with a few snags, and we will be running it again this year, hopefully without the snags.
  • Please see the attached updated guidelines for buyers and sellers.
  • Wesley Evans will co-ordinate the scheme by email at
  • We expect buyers to join Conwy BKA or their nearest BKA and to register on BeeBase.
  • We suggest a fair price would be about £130 for a 5-frame nuc boiling over with bees, ready for transfer to a full hive. This is equivalent to just one full super of honey.
  • The scheme is voluntary and members are free to trade privately with whoever they wish.
  • Early May, when the sycamore is in flower, is the best time to raise nucs and to draw out supers of foundation.
  • Nuc sellers should aim to have nucs ready for sale by the end of June.
  • Please email this nuc booking form to Wesley Evans.

Happy beekeeping. Peter McFadden

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  1. Marjorie Marsh says:

    We have a huge nest of bees in our loft roof and would like to know if anyone would be interested in having them.

    Marjorie Marsh

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