Late July News

Saturday 30th July—Apiary Meeting

Tal y Cafn at 2.30pm
Including special guest instructor Jonathan Garratt. Assessment of the summer honey crop, planning for autumn.
Dress code at apiary meetings: Clean bee suit, clean gloves, clean wellington boots.

Also on Saturday 30th—Car boot sale

The Playing Field, Tal y Bont, Conwy Valley from 1pm
Call in on your way to the apiary meeting!

Saturday 13th August—Eglwysbach Show

Please see the honey schedule part 1 and part 2 and tips on how to win prizes.
We urge you to exhibit your honey. Support for the local honey shows is usually pretty limited, but if you have honey this year, do please make the effort to show some. Everybody likes to see a well-supported Show.

Eglwysbach Show is one of the most popular local shows, always a great day out.

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