November 2013 News

Tuesday 26th November—Making Increase

Craig y Don Community Centre
A talk by Wally Shaw OBE and Jenny Shaw, Anglesey BKA. Tea, coffee, cake and informal chat from 7.20pm. Talk starts at 7.40pm.

I’ve got my hive through the winter and it’s full of bees. I know they’ll want to swarm soon. How do I split the colony in two without wrecking it? Wally Shaw will explain the theory, and Jenny Shaw will guide us through a straightforward method with pictures.

This is a talk not to miss. You’re a keen beekeeper, why would you not want to be there?

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One Response to November 2013 News

  1. gerlwynbees says:

    “Increase for everyone”

    I thought his was super evening with lots of useful information and tips obviously delivered with a wide breadth of knowledge and experience.

    Jenny said that the presentations used by her and Wally could be made available, could we have them on the association website?

    References mentioned during the evening:

    The “Beekeeping – Making Increase” booklet pub. by WAG is available for download at

    “Some thoughts on producing Nucleus Colonies” The Welsh Beekeeper Autumn 2011 and “Brood Comb Replacement – The use of Dump Boxes” The Welsh Beekeeper Winter 2011, both by Wally Shaw

    “Simple Queen Rearing for a Hobbyist” available at