January 2014 News

Happy New Year to you and your bees.

Saturday 4th January—Apiary Meeting

Tal y Cafn at 1.30pm.
We’ll check the colonies and treat with oxalic acid, to knock down any varroa mites. Bee suits available, please bring wellies. Mince pies for the beekeepers! Please let me know if you can provide some mince pies. Contact Chris Clarke on 01745 832812 for supplies of oxalic acid and Apifonda winter feed, by mid week please. Collect at TyC.


You can renew your subs at the apiary meeting. It’s so easy! Click here to download the Word form (or PDF). Type in your details, print the form and bring it with your cheque.

Thorne’s Online Sale

Starts on 4th January.

Beekeeping in 2014

Are you already planning your beekeeping for 2014, or will you just react to whatever your bees decide to do, and hope to get a few jars of honey?

You can become a well-informed and confident beekeeper by attending our talks, attending our practical sessions with the bees and our honey shows, by preparing for the WBKA Basic Assessment and by volunteering at the Beekeeping Centre. There’s so much to learn.

Why would anyone prefer to be a stay at home beekeeper?

Storm on Bardsey Island

Click here to see a short video of Friday’s 109 mph storm on Bardsey Island, filmed by Conwy BKA members Steve and Ben Porter. The Porter family are spending their 7th New Year on Ynys Enlli.

Best wishes
Peter McFadden

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