Spring 2012 News

Spring is here and it’s time to go beekeeping!

• Remove the mouseguard (see picture). If still using a wooden floor, replace it with a clean floor.
• The old floor should be dry, with some loose wax dust, maybe some lumps of wax, and no signs of staining.
• Fit an entrance block.
• Have a quick look in the brood box and you should see slabs of sealed brood. Give a big smile and close the hive.
• Check hive weight and if necessary feed weak syrup, 1lb sugar to 1 pint water. Feed late afternoon.
• You can buy cheap sugar (and other goods) at Bookers, Llandudno Junction LL31 9PL. Contact the secretary for details of the Conwy BKA membership no.

Hive records

We recommend you keep good hive records. Feel free to use and adapt this example record card. Keep it in the hive in a plastic wallet.

Saturday 7th April—Apiary meeting 1

Tal y Cafn at 2.30pm.

Saturday 14th April—Taster Day

Rowen Memorial Hall and Tal y Cafn Apiary.
Nearly full. See website under Courses.

Sat / Sun June 23rd and 24th—South Clwyd BKA Queen rearing course

This is a popular course that is open to all, book early. More details are here.

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