August 2016 – News

Dear beekeepers,

Thanks to all who supported Saturday’s Eglwysbach Show. Good weather, large crowds, much improved car parking, and a fair amount of honey on show, with room for more. A great day out.

We regret there are no honey classes at Llanrwst Show. The Show secretary says they couldn’t find a honey judge.

Sat 27th August—Apiary meeting

Tal y Cafn at 2.30pm.
Removing the honey crop and winter preparations.

Tues 13th September—Conwy Honey Fair

Stall space rapidly filling up. Contact Peter McFadden to book a space. See website page Conwy Fairs / Information for stallholders.

Tues 27th September—Graham Royle NDB

Indoor meetings restart at Craig y Don Community Centre (aka CyD Centre) at 7.40pm.
A talk by Graham Royle NDB on Karl von Frisch and the Bee Dances. Non beekeepers welcome. Please spread the word.

Happy beekeeping.
peter mcfadden

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